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Andrew Nagy

Excellent, professional, well versed in physical rehabilitation and strength enhancement.

Beth Baker Marchi

After being diagnosed with a very uncommon injury I decided to visit Andy to see if he could help. He had done wonders for my husband following an auto accident.

Having been in the fitness industry my entire life, I knew that all PT’s are not created equal. I still went in to see him with some reservation. He did my evaluation and said he had done some research on my condition and contacted my doctor. He really knew more than any of the 7 doctors I had gone to see locally. I actually was diagnosed 1,200 miles from home from a core specialist.

Ultimately, we were hoping to prevent me from having to have surgery, but after looking at my mri, he said it was inevitable. Usually I question physicians!!!! I know when Andy talks it is what it is. I never doubted anything he said. He really is that good. I was fortunate to have had him help me and my husband before he relocated.

We really miss working with him as he cannot be replaced. He is by far the best PT I have ever come in contact with personally and professionally.

Karen Jensen-Tynan

Dr. Andy Cook completely healed my shoulder with dry needling and very specific exercises I performed at home. I could not raise my arm above my head without pain. Andy is so knowledgeable, I would see him again for any injury. I also train with Andy on a regular basis and can not say enough about him! I am pain free and stronger than ever!!

Glenn Tynan

I can't say enough about Andy Cook and Adapt Performance & Training. I am a 63 year old male facing total knee replacement surgery. Through my wife, I connected with Andy who does pre-op physical therapy (PT) using a technique called "blood flow restriction". I did 2 months of pre-op PT with Andy which served to strengthen my knee in preparation of my pending surgery. In addition, during my PT I had tennis elbow and he used a "dry needling" technique that completely eliminated the soreness. I also went to Andy for post-op PT as well. When I had my follow up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon one week after surgery he told me I was 6 weeks ahead in my rehabilitation and did not need to see me again for 6 months! The PT with Andy made my knee replacement essentially a "non-event". My knee is doing great and I just started playing Pickleball! I highly recommend Andy and Adapt Performance to anyone facing knee replacement (or any other surgery) - before and after the surgery.

Randy Millwood

Perfect place to get everything you need. From Crossfit to Boot Camps to Sport specific personal training, Adapt offers it all! You can even get your physical therapy sessions handled by their staff. And members have access from 5:00 am until 11:00 pm. Incredible place!!

Amy Rooney Weaver

Andy was a game changer for me! I initially went to Andy for plantar fasciitis after a foot Dr recommended a walking boot for 6 weeks to heal. Andy worked with me to repair the injury all the while not having to wear a "boot". During my sessions, he incorporated blood flow restriction training to assist with the healing. During this time, I would explain to Andy how I experienced dizziness with many simple exercises/work outs such as push ups, wall ball throws, rowing would all cause extreme fatigue due to dizziness. Andy incorporated PT for my dizziness. I did daily exercises at home that Andy recommended to overcome this challenge. It has now been over a year, and I can proudly say that I am free of the constant dizziness. All the challenges that I faced previously are now a thing of the past. I can easily do any exercise that involves "up/down" motion without presenting any shift in my dizziness. I am grateful for the PT that Andy suggested and the time he spent working with me to overcome this issue.

Shawna Knutson

Andy is a fantastic PT and trainer...and an all around great guy! Andy is energetic and makes every session fun. As a former successful Division 1 athlete, my sons look up to Andy as a "role model". He does a great job of connecting with them and pushing them to achieve more. He has worked with both of my sons on speed & agility training to improve their explosiveness and quickness. When it was time for my older son to begin weight training, Andy taught him proper technique. When my son's knee started bothering him the weekend before a big tournament, Andy squeezed us in at a moment's notice to assess the situation. We were relieved to learn that the discomfort was growth related and not an injury providing peace of mind. Andy showed him some exercises and stretches that would help and followed up to check in on how he was doing. Andy also helped me get back on the tennis court after a knee injury with dry needling, massage, exercises and taping before matches. I highly recommend Andy Cook!

Jason Hudak

I am a UNCW baseball player and had the chance to work out with Andy for about a year now. Each workout was programmed to activate different muscles in my body that I’d use for baseball. He knows what he is doing when it comes to baseball workouts whether it be with your hips, being explosive in your bottoms half etc. I am a pitcher and being a pitcher comes soreness. He would help me before games that I’d pitch in with a variety of stretches focused on my arm and shoulder. Andy helped me stay healthy this summer and was very motivating through it all as well!

Nikki Agins

Andy is an excellent trainer and physical therapist. I trained with him for 3 years in Naples, FL. 9 months of which I was pregnant with my second daughter. He helped me tremendously to stay healthy and strong throughout my pregnancy with almost no pain! He also helped me gain my balance and strength back post pregnancy very quickly. He is extremely knowledgeable about the physical body. He will keep your workouts interesting and fun! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in search of a great trainer or therapist.

We Help Athletes, Active Adults, and Fitness Enthusiasts In The Lake Norman Area Stay Pain Free and Fit While Doing What They Love. Without Pain Meds, Injections, Or Unnecessary Surgeries.

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